Graduated with honors from Hudsonville High School.

Currently a Junior and working diligently to earn a degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University.

I’m working on my long term skills in CopperRock’s office. Learning good business lessons, even as an intern office paper cruncher and gopher.


4 years on the Cross Country Team at Hudsonville. A fun memory was placing in the top three, and the other two podium winners were also named Jack.

Many hours of my week are spent training for races. Have run the 25k River Bank run under 1:39.57.

Official Videographer for the Hudsonville Football Team. Fire up, go Eagles!

A stickler for detail, I have sighted the Eagles lost a HS football game – due to the other team’s band playing at non sanctioned game intervals. That has been a fun joke, at my expense in the CRC office.