A Polish Native, I moved to the United States for an exchange program 27 years ago.

Have always been attracted to the challenge of finding a better way. My work has been multi-dimensional starting in the farming industry and shifting into the construction sector.

I identify as a handyman having worked with farming machinery for years, loving to fix and solve any problem. I am a general tradesman at CopperRock specializing in trim, drywall, and painting.


I created a farming machine after a model I saw in Poland that allows the tractor to pick up pallets of apples at a more efficient rate.

Currently not only am I a fix-it man at work but am also remodeling my whole house. Never a dull moment!

When I am not building something, I love spending time with my two daughters and visiting my family in Poland. One of the things I miss most about Poland is by far the food, there is no food like true Polish cuisine!

My picture purposefully displays my homeland of Poland. Polish pride!