A 3rd generation builder, clocking in 23+ years in the industry. I have performed everything from setting the foundation to project completion.

Gained irreplaceable knowledge working as a traveling builder for 14 years. Building over 56 National Heritage Academies, custom homes with specialized glass panels, VanSingel Farmers, and a decent little percentage of Byron Center.

Nothing gets me fired up like showing up to a pile of lumber and turning it into something unique.


One of my favorite projects was purchasing an old church, renovating it, and making it my home.

Outside of construction work, give me the outdoors and I am a happy man. Whether it be biking to Lake Michigan to watch a storm, a day of downhill skiing, or as a proud kid of the 80’s a chance to speed skate. If it’s outside, I enjoy it!

I have been working on fixing cars since I could walk. A personal favorite project I completed is ’57 Chevy, 2-door Bel Air, cool ride!